Carlo Antoniolli
Career Highlights
* More than 350 solo and joint concerts
in Australia, Europe and Japan
* Swan Hellenic 'Orpheus' cruises, Europe
* Orient-Express Train, Europe
* The Edinburgh Festival Fringe
* The Adelaide Festival Fringe
* Londra-Palace Hotel, Venice
* The Palace Hotel, Tokyo
* First-class hotels and cruise-ships worldwide
* Cerulean Tower Hotel, Tokyo
* The Joe Seppi Trio dinner shows, Tokyo
* The Windsor Hotel & Spa (G8 Summit), Japan
* Sofia Philharmonie Orchestra, Bulgaria Hall
Classically trained, Carlo diversified into many other genres of music and has become a vibrant and
entertaining concert performer. He has been resident on Europe's famous Orient-Express train,
in five-star hotels and cruise-ships worldwide, and presented his own music-in-theatre show at the
Edinburgh and Adelaide Festival Fringes.

Carlo has performed more than 350 solo concerts in Australia and Japan, has been resident in five-star
venues such as the Palace Hotel Tokyo, the Windsor Hotel Hokkaido (of G8 Summit fame), and in
Tokyo's finest piano lounges such as the 40th-floor sky lounge at the Cerulean Tower Hotel.

As well as entertaining in regular dinner shows and events with his Trio, Carlo is also an avid composer
and arranger of instrumental theme music. He has performed several compositions from his CD album
'Contemplar' with the Sofia Filharmonie Orchestra in Bulgaria Hall, Sofia.