Carlo was born in Perth, Western Australia to parents from Treviso and
Vicenza in Northern Italy. Studying classical piano for 12 years and trumpet for
5 years, his early experiences included a concert orchestra, brass band, rock,
jazz and cabaret bands, and solo performances in local restaurants and piano
bars. He subsequently became Musical Director and Secretary of Perth's Tivoli
vaudeville theatre and was also teaching popular piano.

Carlo formed a trio with dynamic harmony vocalists Linda & Julie King
performing with great success on TV talent and variety shows as well as
holding a residency at the Sheraton Hotel. In subsequent years he also
performed solo and with a jazz quartet at most of Perth’s leading venues and
hotels including the Hilton, Intercontinental and Hyatt. In the meantime, Carlo
also completed a Theatre Arts diploma course majoring in Sound and Lighting,
before moving to Australia’s east-coast.
Beginning in Melbourne’s restaurant and nightclub scene, including a residency at the newly opened Menzies-Rialto
Hotel, Carlo moved on to residencies at two of the countries newest Resort Casinos and then, to the position of
Musical Director for a Musical Revue company on a Sydney-based cruise line to the South Pacific. On this line he also
worked as solo pianist/singer, cabaret band pianist and cabaret band leader. And, his cruise adventures continued for
many years: in South-East Asia, on the Great Barrier Reef, in the Mediterranean, from the U.K., and from East Africa.
These included residencies as solo pianist/singer, in a jazz trio and twice as Entertainment Officer.

Carlo spent much time in Europe in the 80’s and 90’s beginning in style, with the Hotel Londra Palace in Venice (a
‘Small Luxury Hotels of the World’ member), concerts on the shores of Italy’s Lake Maggiore, a residency in a classy
piano bar in West Germany and several recording sessions in Switzerland. Europe inspired an original one-man
music-theatre show that he then performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Adelaide Festival Fringe drawing
impressive critical reviews. The design of
"The Ghost Of Joe Seppi" was inspired by the
black-light style of the 'Black Theatre of Prague' and
portrayed the singing and piano-playing ghost of a
musician from the 'tin-pan-alley` era.

In 1991 Carlo became the first Australian pianist to be resident on Europe’s world famous Venice-Simplon Orient-
Express train. During his time performing on the Orient-Express he was also featured in television specials and
documentary films (including a Sir Peter Ustinov production) that aired worldwide.

In Australia, Carlo had begun producing his own Solo Concert Tours that eventually took him across 5 states
performing more than 350 solo concerts. He completed several original recording projects and performed with a
Dixieland Jazz Band and a Swing Big Band in Jazz Festivals. He was also a long-term member of a swing-jazz quartet,
a 5-piece country music band and a 7-piece motown band.

At the start of 2000 a remarkable twist of fate and fortune brought Carlo to Japan to perform for the luxury resort
chain XIV in Nagano and Tokyo. He remained in Japan and began freelance performances in Tokyo’s restaurant,
nightclub and live music venues. They included a 3-year residency at a famous jazz piano bar, and 2-year residencies
at a classy piano lounge and at a nightclub. He also began performing regular joint-concerts with a Japanese
soprano, a jazz clarinetist and a wood-bass player. And, Carlo found great success in the lucrative wedding market,
performing not only background music, but short spot-shows at high-class weddings and bridal fairs in
Tokyo’s luxury hotel and wedding venues.

The luxury of The Palace Hotel was another highlight of Carlo’s career, performing in the magnificent Crown
Restaurant overlooking the Imperial Palace and Gardens. Acting on commercials and documentaries for most of
Japans major TV networks also led Carlo to perform with his trio in a retro live-house in the biographical documentary
of famous Japanese jazz artiste Chie Ayado. The trio was also invited to perform in a cross-cultural concert in Ginza
featuring the brilliantly talented violinist and grandson of the founder of the world-famous Suzuki teaching method.

In 2003 Carlo and his wife Mitsuko began producing Dinner Show events in Ginza and other parts of Japan that have  
showcased his Trio, joint-performances with Soprano and Jazz-Clarinet, and his wife’s Japanese singing talents.
One such production also hosted Carlo’s close friend, Australian gypsy-jazz super-guitarist Paul Bulanyi hot from his
debut at the Montreaux Jazz Festival.

2005 began in style as a special guest performer in a charity concert hosted by the talented Victor Entertainments
classical violinist Rio Yamase and also featuring the talents of Toshiba/EMI's classic guitar maestro Kiyoshi Shomura.
Carlo was also invited to perform a private concert at the International House of Japan in Tokyo, for renowned Kimono
artist and designer Nishimoto Toshiko.  He then began a residency at Japans most famed mountain resort hotel "The
Windsor Hotel, Toya". Here, he found great popularity with the hotels many rich and famous guests for his unique
ability to entertain and the worldly experience and style that have become his trademark.

Carlo has on-going projects in composition, recording and audio/visual production, and performs regular solo and
joint concerts with fellow musical collaborators both in Japan and Australia.
In 2006 two instrumental albums of original compositions were produced, which showcased Carlo's versatility and feel
for imaginative arrangements. The albums, 'Piramide' and 'Believe', reflect the diversity of his worldly experiences in
both life and music.

In 2007, Carlo's popularity as a concert entertainer in Japan is beginning to blossom, following his first successful
concert in a much respected classical music salon in Osaka. As well as an immediate call for a repeat appearance
here, several other offers have ensued for concert performances in the Mie Prefecture, Kobe and Tokyo.

Carlo performs regularly at some of the finest piano lounges in Tokyo, and also at some of the finest live-music
restaurants in Tokyo and Yokohama with his 'Joe Seppi Trio'. The trio includes dynamic Japanese musicians Koichi
Sugawa (Bass) and Tadashi Someya (Drums) and features a broad repertoire of semi-classic, jazz and pop
standards. Already a substantial following of eager fans gather at the regular Dinner Show evenings produced by
Carlo's wife Mitsuko in the heart of Ginza to enjoy their warm and dynamic style of entertainment.

In 2008 Carlo recorded two CD demos: an collection of eight Ballads for Piano, and a set of five Healing Songs for
Piano. They where accompanied by complete piano scores notated to reflect both his original playing and
arrangement styles. He was also blessed with a continuation of some of the finest piano-lounge work in Tokyo,
including the 40th-floor Bellovisto lounge in Shibuya, the 42nd-floor XEX Atago lounge adjacent to Tokyo Tower,
and the newly opened luxury members club Century Court in Marunouchi.
Closing the year in-style, Carlo and his Joe Seppi Trio performed Christmas Dinner Shows in Ginza, and their first
Osaka show in the Nakanoshima area. Augmenting these shows was a new face in Carlo's troupe, the London-trained
fine-stage actor Takashi Tamura performing Shakespeare's Romeo.

Two new demo CD albums of original compositions were produced during 2008 and 2009; Oceans Of Sentiment and
Clouds In Time speak of ancient times, philosophical thoughts and sentimentality, but also include some modern
ballads and uptempo themes. 2009 also saw Carlo make several visits to Australia to perform concerts for Senior's
Week celebrations and to attend rehearsals with one of Australia's premier wind-orchestras the Armadale City
Concert Band in Perth. These included trial performances of Carlo's original compositions, arranged for wind-
orchestra. His 2009 Christmas Dinner Show was held in the Seiyo Ginza Hotel, a most prestigious location on Ginza's
main street. It featured an extended line-up to his regular Trio with the inclusion of talented Yamaha Electone artist
Rie Ogura supplying backing orchestral arrangements. Also debuted was Carlo's original composition 'The Golden

From further afield, in early 2010 Carlo received an offer to place his original song 'An Evening Stroll In Capri' into an
archive been prepared of music and poetry from around the world which are dedicated to the famous Mediterranean
island. In November he performed his first major concerts, with an orchestra, in Perth, Australia. The concerts, set in
the prestigious and historic Jarrah Hall at the Perth Modern School, featured a unique collaboration with the award-
winning Armadale City Concert Band and the orchestral debut of several of Carlo's original compositions.
The program was repeated in a matinee performance during the Fremantle Festival season in its historic Town Hall.

A 2011 New Year Concert was performed in Oita City, Japan with Japanese soprano Keiko Murakami to rave reviews!
Later in this year Carlo's song An Evening Stroll In Capri was inducted into an historical archive of poetry and songs
that depict the famous Italian island. And Carlo completed a further five Wind Orchestra arrangements of his original
compositions with view to assembling an album in the near future.

Through 2012-13 Carlo began writing material for his fifth instrumental demo-album and by August 2013 ten new
tracks have been recorded to demo level. The trademark pop-orchestra arrangement style remains in this work,    and
pieces include folk and pop ballads, a jazz novelty, several descriptive pieces and a potential film theme.
Also late in this year, Carlo will perform for a celebrity wedding in Hawaii, and a Salon Concert in Tokyo. The concert,
planned by a NPO organisation assisting the understanding of international cultures through exchange experiences,
will include a showcase of Carlo's semi-classical piano skills and his entertaining character with pops, folk and jazz

Recording and production began in January 2014 on Carlo's debut original album: ten instrumental compositions for
popular piano, including the feature track "The Golden Sea", mastered at the studio of The Shadows great Hank
Marvin in Perth, Western Australia. The CD 'Contemplar' debuted in Tokyo in February 2015 with a
highly successful salon concert and launch party in the prestigious building of renowned Japanese
haute courture designer Yumi Katsura. The theme of the opening track "Awake Pinocchio Awake!"
was depicted on the rear cover by a painting of Pinocchio by Japanese artist Haruaki Toku,
who subsequently displayed the album at his exhibition in New York. The album also features some
of Australia's finest musicians (Robbie Pisano on Bass, Mick Burn on Drums, Paul Bulanyi on Guitars
and Paul Millard on Soprano and Tenor Sax's and Flute) and was recorded and engineered by
Craig Pinkney of renowned Perth band Pink & White Bridge.

In July 2015, Carlo was privileged to perform four compositions from his new album with the Sofia Philharmonie
Orchestra at the prestigious "Bulgaria Hall". Although it was his debut performance with a symphony orchestra, first
time in Europe, and appeared first on the evenings' program, Carlo's compositions recieved a standing ovation and
calls for encore!